Elevating the Personal Aviation Experience

Marklyn Aviation Consulting will partner with you to get a comprehensive understanding of your aviation needs.  We can answer your questions regarding:

–  Best Aircraft for the Mission and Budget Requirements
–  Aircraft Acquisition and Operating Budget
–  Tax Implications (Including 1031 Like Kind Exchanges)
–  Aircraft Values and Forecasting Residuals
–  Import and Export of Aircraft
–  Finance and Insurance
–  Airplane Usage Forecast

We will find the best fit for you whether that is Charter, Fractional, Partnership, Lease, Jet Cards or Whole Aircraft Ownership.  We can also assist with Revenue Generation, Part 135 or Part 91 operation, as well as starting up a new flight department.  If you have an aviation need, we can help you better understand the solution for meeting it.

I have operated and flown several piston powered aircraft. I had my heart set on purchasing my first business jet. After our initial discussions they informed me that they would be happy to find me the best aircraft for the mission, but I would be better served by looking into other venues such as a Jet Card or Block Charter based on our forecasted usage. By not purchasing an asset that would have been underutilized, they saved me an estimated $580,000 per year in overhead expenses.”

-Jeremy Baker, King Operating